Chosen For Greatness (Book)


About this Product

You are a unique “word” from God, much more than you ever dreamed possible! Who you are in Jesus Christ is an awesome mystery – a mystery revealed in part in Chosen for Greatness. In this truly fresh and genuinely unique revelation from the Holy Spirit, Dr. Kelley Varner gives you keys to unlock the deep, sacred secret of the spiritual being you were destined to become in Christ. Drawing from careful biblical study and original ancient languages, this seasoned scribe uncovers the real you, the hidden person you wer chosen to be before you were born. As the volume of God’s Book is opened, you will receive insight into your foreordained destiny and understand His assigned purpose for your life. In this now-word proceeding for the Father’s throne, you will discover that indeed you have been Chosen for Greatness!

From the Foreword:

“…The role that you now play in discovering your own destiny is vital, because the more that you comprehend who you really are in Christ, the easier it becomes to manifest the truth about yourself. It is only when the kings begin to walk worthy of their calling that they can appropriately crown the King of kings, thereby bringing about the restoration of all things…” –Bishop Jim Earl Swilley

From the Preface:

“…Once upon a time when there was no time, on the corner of nowhere where there was nothing, there was a Meeting…And the Father was there, and the Son was there, taking the minutes. The minutes of that Meeting became the Volume of the Book. There neither has been since nor ever shall be again such a Meeting, because there is no need for one. Everything that will ever happen in a time-space world happened in that Meeting. The works of God were finished in that meeting. The Lamb was slain in that meeting. And you and I were there…As we journey through the pages set before you, we will discover that we have met someplace before in the anointed script of another story, the Volume of the Book. Those pages will unveil our mutual beginnings–where, when, and why you and I were ‘chosen for greatness.'” –Dr. Kelley Varner