Corporate Anointing (Study Guide)


About this Product

This student workbook study guide for Corporate Anointing was prepared by Dr. Jerry Hester of Dominion Church in Greer, South Carolina, to be used at in the classrooms of Dominion College.  It is helpful for those who would like to teach Dr. Varner’s books in the classroom.
This workbook goes through Corporate Anointing chapter by chapter, and prompts the student to focus on key words and concepts by “filling in the blanks,” as they read along from the book.
“It is with confidence and joy that we can now offer these writings in the following study-note form for personal or group use. Pastor Jerry Hester of Greenville, SC is the man God that used to create these volumes.  It is something I have wanted to do for years, and Pastor Hester, with the same skill and heart, has done the work for all of us. His reward shall be great.  Feel free to copy them as much as you want for group study.  I would suggest reproducing a master copy for your files.  The answer sheets for each study are located in the back of each volume.  Tell others about these studies.  Every church library and Bible School should have a set.”  –Dr. Kelley Varner
To maximize the the use of this workbook, Dominion College suggests the following guidelines:
1. Familiarize yourself with the book before you begin to read it.  Read the contents page to get an overview of the subject matter in each chapter.
2. When working with this workbook, you will need your text, your Bible, this workbook and a pen or pencil.
3. As you read each chapter, pay close attention to the footnotes which provide Scripture references to support what the author is saying in the text. We encourage you to look up the references and to study for yourself anything you want to know more about.
4. After you read through a chapter, fill in the blanks of the workbook directly from your text. Also, complete any other assignments found in the workbook to the best of your ability.
5. You are expected to complete this workbook to the best of your ability. Make a true commitment to now to do this work in excellence. Give thought to the Present Truth shared in the text and ask the Lord to give you wisdom and understanding in what you are reading.  It will be impossible to go through this material quickly and to comprehend it. Decide now that you will take the time necessary to study these truths so that they will become a part of who you are. Give good, comprehensive answers throughout the workbook. If you need additional space, additional pages may be added to the binder.