Freedom From 12 Deadly Sins: Secrets of How to Press Into Your Destiny


About this Product

How well do you know the “isms” that have stealthily invaded the Christian world – your world? How prepared are you to recognize and resist their tempting lures? Those who press into maturity during this Third Day must hurdle over man-made teachings to reach the goal of eternal freedom. False teachings have hindered the individual and corporate advancement of God’s Kingdom. From his extensive knowledge of the Scriptures and his own personal testimony, author Kelley Varner clearly identifies and explains twelve deadly sins and how they have manifested in the post-modern church. The twelve deadly sins that Pastor Varner identifies are: cessationism, stoicism, easy believism, legalism, asceticism, dualism, elitism, tribalism, traditionalism, futurism, mysticisn, and gnosticism.

This book is more autobiographical than Pastor Varner’s other books. In it, he shares personal stories of how he and his wife, Joann, faced each of these twelve deadly sins and how they overcame them.

From the Foreword:

“The landscape of American Christianity is littered with the doctrines and traditions of men. For generations, these man-made ideas have nullified the Word of God, thus creating a spiritual vacuum in which a plethora of religious systems have flourished that have no power to deliver the groaning creation (see Romans 8:19-23). To make matters worse, in our zeal to propogate the gospel, we have imported these “broken cisterns” (broken systems) to the nations. These broken containers hold the stagnant water of man’s religious ideas, not the “living water’ of God’s eternal purposes (see Jer. 2:13, 29:11)…I challange you to read this book with an open Bible and an open mind. Let the Holy Spirit and the Word of God help you to “rightly divide” these matters, and to remove anything that might hinder your personal race of faith, from pressing into your destiny.” –Wendall S. Ward, Pastor of Praise Tabernacle

From the Preface:

“…Sin is mistaken identity. We do not know who we are in Christ as the Seed of Abraham and the Seed of David. The Bible declares that Christ “is the image of God” (2 Cor 4:4). Therefore the spirit of antichrist is any other image!

…The night that God woke me up to write, He whispered in my ear, “God and tell My people that divine destiny is being aborted.” “Aborted by what, Lord?” I asked. “By religious confusion and man-made teachings that have nothing to do with My Word or My Spirit,” He replied. Do you remember that the prophet Ezekiel was weeping over the fact that his nation Judah had been carried away by Babylon? Babylon means “confusion;” it also means, “the gate of God.” Babylon is religious confusion, and God is not the author of confusion (instability, disorder), but of peace (see 1 Cor 14:33). Our destiny has been aborted by religious confusion and man-made ideas…

…As I lay there in the dark that night, He began with the Outer Court and walked me through the Holy Place and then into the Most Holy Place, showing me, like Ezekiel of old, the sin and the idolatry in all three dimensions. There is sin in every camp (see Josh 7:11)… Again, sin is mistaken identity. Religion has confused us. We don’t know who we are in Christ. May the Lord help us understand that our destiny is in the Seed! It is time to press into destiny and gain freedom from these twelve deadly sins! Come look with me unto our Goal–He is Jesus, the Author and the Finisher of our race of faith.” –Pastor Kelley Varner