The Issues Of Life


About this Product

Racial tenison, abortion, Aids, the drug epidemic, euthanasia war, famine, the economy, jobs, judicial injustice, the homeless, capital punishment, street violence, sexual harassment, the environment…these are the dilemmas that man has created for himself. Every issue on earth has its answer in the heavens. Spiritual problems require spiritual solutions. The supernatural power and strategic wisdom of the Holy Spirit are no longer an option. The living God is once again intervening in the affairs of men. We must have reformation.
Jesus is the Issue.

From the Foreword:

“…As we read, we find ourselves walking through the Garden of Eden. The author is beckoning us to the ‘Tree of Life’ and away from the ‘Tree of Good and Evil.’ The forbidden fruit of the tree of knowledge of good and evil has always been food for the disobedient. It will not be the fare of the new day. The tree of life, with its prolific miraculous fruit, bearing eternal seed, will be our meat. The issue cannot be, ‘Is it right or wrong?’ The issue of God is His Son, the Abolisher of sin’s penalty, the Destroyer of hell, death and grave, the only reconciler between God and Man, Jesus Christ! The author drives home the truth in this book that our Christian relationships should be built in our common faith in Christ and not in our doctrines. Admittedly, the doctrines of Jesus are important, but for them to have meaningful truth and import, we must present them in the love of Jesus, because Jesus is the issue! …Behold, as we gaze upon the Lord, He is clothing us with white linen garments of worship and intercession. Look at us! We are changing! We are becoming more and more just like Jesus.” -Pastors George and Clarice Fluitt, Eagle’s Nest Church, West Monroe, Louisiana