Moses, The Master & The Manchild


About this Product

The seed is buried in the bed of humanity. It grew out of Moses. It blossomed in the Son and it is to be revealed in the Manchild–the mature, victorious Church of the end of the age. You are about to be given prophetic keys that unlock the mysteries of the end times. Discover how Moses, our Lord Jesus and the mighty victorious church of the last days paint a picture of hope, power, and glory for God’s people.

You will be left breathless as this prophetic writer cuts through the confusion and fear surrounding the times in which we live. Be prepared to see and understand the end of the age like never before. Be prepared to discover your role during the most incredible time in history to be alive.

From the Foreword:

“…Kelley introduces essential prophetic keys that will help you unlock the mysteries of the ages. Those keys are found in the stories of the three main characters. The similarities in the experiences of these three sons are astonishing and will bring you great encouragement. Take a walk with Kelley as he leads you through the Scriptures into inspiring new vistas of fresh spiritual discoveries. These discoveries will take you through the Tabernacle of Moses, straight ahead into the place of His presence–the Most Holy Place. Kelley and I have both shared a deep personal passion to remove all the obstacles that keep people from entering into that secret place.” -Don Nori, Publisher, Destiny Image

From the Introduction:

“…The message of this book is particularly sent to you who bear the prophetic burden of the Lord’s present purposes for the nations of the earth. I cannot speak for any other preacher or Christian, but the year 2000 was one of my best/worst years. The “burning fiery furnace” was heated seven times hotter (Dan. 3:6,19)…Like you, I needed some real answers. Like you, I have been seeking the Lord. When God whispered the following phrase in my ear, the Holy Ghost leaped in my spirit! The Lord said, “Tell My people that every 2,000 years, I have a son…” First, there was Moses…Second, there was Jesus, the Master…Third, there is now His overcoming Church, the Manchild. Set before you is the prophetic paradigm of God’s three sons. This model will explain why the journey has not been easy, and why the weight of our burden and calling seems greater than ever before…The saviors that are arising on Mount Zion are all reconcilers. peacemakers, and medicine men. The enemy has raged, yet the nations and their wealth are beginning to come into the house of the Lord. The Year of Jubilee’s release is upon us. You and I have come too far. The Lord has kept us. His anointing has brought us out and brought us through. His third anointing of “fresh oil” now brings us in (Ps 92:10). This is not the time to faint. This is our long awaited due season. This is the time to push!” –Pastor Kelley Varner