Prevail: A Handbook for the Overcomer


About this Product

Have you recieved the Baptism of the Holy Spirit and now find yoruself restless and searching for more? Has the thrill worn off? Is the party over? Have the dealings of a loving Father torn up your spiritual playpen? If so, then YOU need to read this book!” –Kelley Varner

In the 1960s and 1970s the Dove of God’s Holy Spirit flew across denominational lines to enlist an army of raw recruits. Every nation of the earth has been impacted by that historic outpouring. Having faced the turbulent changes of the 1980s and now standing on the threshold of a new century, the Church must be built upon a foundation that will not be shaken. Prevail: A Handbook for the Overcomer provides a solid footing for the young believer and a sure path into the fullness of God’s eternal purpose, into the realm beyond Pentecost. Two other books, The More Excellent Ministry and The Priesthood is Changing, complete the trilogy, revealing the mysteries of the Most Holy Place and how to get there.

Prevail will help you understand three-fold things and that Jesus is Priest and King, Salvation is progressive, and that we are pressing through tribulation.

From the Foreword:

“…There are certain, basic principles of the Kingdom of God that must be a part of the believer’s frame of mind. We must learn to think like God. We must begin to rule with Christ in this life. Too many Christians are weak and defeated. Their theology has miserably lowered their mentality into a world that revolves around self-comforts. May the dynamite of God’s Spirit blow us all out of these “comfort zones” into a walk with God that is Christ-centered and not man-centered.

JESUS IS PRIEST AND KING. The Lord Jesus is a Priest who is ever merciful and compassionate. He WILL and DOES meet the needs of man, but He is also the KING who demands your obedience to His sovereign will. Is He your ruler and governer? SALVATION IS PROGRESSIVE. The new birth is the beginning of our salvation. We have been saved, we are being saved, and we shall be saved. To grow is to change. The overcomer knows the BALANCE of truth. PRESSING THROUGH TRIBULATION. God keeps His people during the hour of trial. Too many misunderstand the dealings of God and have been taught to think that anything in the negative realm is of the devil. What does the bible say about all this? BALANCE is needed as we search the Scriptures for the answer.