Secrets of the Ascended Life: Looking Through the Eyes of God (Book)


About this Product

There is a high calling, the ascended life. In this sequel to his last book, Sound the Alarm, Dr. Varner shows that the ascended life is HIS life, lived from the heavenlies in the Most Holy Place.

Secrets of the Ascended Life will change your perspective about God, your purpose and His plan for you. This powerful book gives you an in-depth look into biblical secrets that will open your eyes and your heart to what He has for you.

Through God’s eyes you will discover: the Most Holy Place perspective, the seven-fold description of heavenly wisdom, how to impart our gifts from Him to others, what it means to”Come look with me” (Song of Solomon 4:8), and your inheritance now!

“We must arise into the Ascended Life to hear God talk…in that high place there is no fear–all our enemies are beneath, defeated, under our feet,” writes Dr. Varner. “If you never see your worth in Christ, you will rob the earth of your reason for breathing.”

From the Forewords:

“…These prophetic insights will awaken the church out of its slumber, and cause the hungry to be filled to overflowing. We are not “under the circumstances” looking at the problem. We are seated in the heavenlies looking at everything from the place of His victory. Our lives are not based on what will happen, but on what is already completed in him! We can look through the eyes of God…the view from the ascended life is awesome.” –Apostle Don Hughes

“Dr. Varner’s newest book, Secrets of the Ascended Life, is a valuable spiritual tool. It helps us to understand that we are not trying to live the Christian life but rather that Christ is living His life through us. Dr. Varner has declared throughout the Body of Christ for more than three decades that our salvation is an ongoing awareness of what we already possess. This book is instrumental in revealing our rightful position as we are seated in the heavenly places far above principalities and powers. Dr. Varner’s insight and foresight within the Body of Christ conveys us to a greater life in God.” –Donald Earl Harrell, Pastor