Sound the Alarm (Book)


About this Product

Are you burning with a passion to pursue the High Call of God? Do you want more than just another “revival” in your church? Sound the Alarm is a prophetic call to throw off religious traditions and participate in the “Third Day” revelation of the Lord. Discover how to dedicate yourself to His purpose so you can move from desolation into reformation and emerge a champion for Christ. Now is time for the Church to return to preaching a pure and powerful Gospel. With its in-depth look at the Book of Joel, Sound the Alarm is a clear call to the Church for radical reformation that will usher in the fullness of the Day of the Lord!

From the Preface:

“Most leaders are afraid to preach the whole counsel of God. They draw back from the ascended life, but, (as I will re-emphasize throughout this writing) there is a “high calling.” Zion constitutes the highest place in the heavenlies and it is to be manifestly expressed as a people in the earth, as His Corporate Overcomer. To His elect I boldly prophesy, ‘Arise, army of God. Our time has come!'” –Kelley Varner