Tabernacle is Jesus Vol.1(Ebook)


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About this Product

One cannot understand the Bible and the eternal purposes of God without a sound, clear understanding and working knowledge of Moses’ Tabernacle, the “grandfather clause” and “pattern” of all redemptive truth.  Its rich typology runs throughout the Old Testament and into the New, weaving both testaments together into one Book.  The one primary, differing feature of this present revision is it contant emphasis upon the FINISHED WORK of Jesus Christ (Jn. 19:30).  When God gave the revelation of the Tabernacle to His servant Moses, He began with the Ark of the covenant and its Mercy-seat in the Most Holy Place-the realm of singleness, the world of worhsip.  All truth must be properly grasped from the divine point of view, from the inside out, from God’s  perspective as He approaches humanity–this the pathway of GRACE.  Men and women apprehent spiritual realities moving from the outside in, from humankind’s perspective as he or she approaches God–this the walk of FAITH (Heb. 11:6).

This volume will introduce you to the Tabernacle and bring you through the Laver.