The Three Prejudices (Book)


About this Product

Three great prejudices have infested our homes, churches, businesses, and communities: gender, race and nation. What is the biblical role of women? Can women preach and lead or should they remain in the home? Was Ham cursed? Is this the day of the black man? What does the Bible say about interracial marriages? Does Israel still have a role in God’s plan? Who are the heirs of the Palestinian Covenant? How should we interpret Romans 9-11?

Pastor Varner carefully investigates the Scriptures and the historical record to provide answers to these and other questions that make spiritual and intellectual sense. It is time to obey God’s call to break down every barrier of prejudice so that His Church may become united as the pure, glorious Bride that God desires.

“This scholarly and sensitive work…will surely be helpful to the sincere believer, man or woman, who has questions regarding God’s eternal purpose for mankind.” -Dr. Fuschia Pickett

“…the message of this book is vitally important for this day. We must lay aside our prejudices, whether they are based on gender, race or nationality.” -Bishop Earl Paulk

“May truth triumph, and may God make His people one.” -Dr. Michael L. Brown

From the Foreword:

“I have written this book as a prophet, not a teacher. My aim has been to boldly proclaim the truth to the end that we might all work with God toward His ultimate intention as He gathers all things to Himself in Christ. Our foundation, our beginning point, is enough: we are all one in Christ Jesus! And He is not prejudiced!” -Kelley Varner